Behind every statistic on child abuse, there is a child.

It’s easy to feel hopeless when faced with the statistics of child abuse. In the U.S., each year more than 600,000 children are abused. In Pennsylvania, there were 58 child-abuse fatalities and 136 near fatalities in 2021.  In Erie County, nearly 300 children are referred to the CAC each year; over the last four years, about 62% of children referred to the CAC were possible victims of sexual abuse.

But, with the support of generous community members, the CAC is here to help the children.

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With your donation, you will benefit a child who needs aid right now at a child-friendly place where they can  tell their stories, one time to one person. With your contribution, you will help parents and caregivers learn about positive parenting through the ACT: Raising Safe Kids program.

If you are able to make a gift today, we thank you on behalf of the children we serve.

To donate by mail, please send your check to:

Children’s Advocacy Center of Erie County
1334 West 38th St.
Erie, PA 16508

Please include your name and address so we can send a letter acknowledging your gift. All financial contributions are tax deductible.

To donate securely online, please click the link below:

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We could also use…

In addition to monetary gifts, Children’s Advocacy Center of Erie County also welcomes other gifts including:

  • Postage stamps
  • Office paper
  • Children’s magazine subscriptions
  • Gift baskets and gift certificates for use at fundraising events